See the postcard that depicts Forman Park in 1911

Pictured is Forman Park alongside a postcard depicting the park that was postmarked in 1911. Originally named Forman Square, the park was dedicated in 1839 by the Trustees of the village of Syracuse. The land for the park was donated by both the Syracuse Company and Lewis Redfield, an early newspaper editor. Redfield named the park after his friend, Joshua Forman, the man many consider the founder of Syracuse. The monument pictured was given by Redfield’s daughter and installed in 1909. It depicts both Redfield and Forman, along with a Native American man believed to represent Hiawatha. In 2007, the monument was removed from the park for cleaning and repairs. The statues were returned in 2010 after a three-year stay at the studio of local sculptor Sharon BuMann who completed the restoration.

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David is a city of Syracuse resident who lives in the Eastwood Neighborhood. He manages a nonprofit program for LDACNY and volunteers his time with several local organizations. He operates the instagram account, @SyracuseHistory and co-founded in the fall of 2016.