Syracuse, New York: Where Disney’s Dumbo first took flight (video)

You’ve heard the story before, but it’s a tale worth repeating: Disney’s Dumbo first came to life in Syracuse.

In 2015, local columnist, Sean Kirst and I were able to track down the home in which the original Dumbo was almost certainly first drawn in. A story you can find by clicking here.

Photo provided by LoveWell Weddings

This past winter, Missy Zawacki and I presented the above posted video at the annual Salt City DISHES dinner in an effort to secure $2,000 for a community project. Our idea was to allow for a public art project to be constructed to commemorate this historic story.

Though our efforts fell short, the video is worth sharing. We are immensely grateful for the efforts of videographer Jordan Harmon and narrator Wes Feuz who lended us their time and talents.

It is our hope that Syracuse can find a way to properly honor the work of illustrator Helen Durney and authors Helen Aberson and Harold Pearl whose contribution to literature continues to bring joy to children today.