A writer’s paradise on Haffenden Road

In my hand is a copy of the August 2015 issue of the New York Magazine. I’m standing in front of 109 Haffenden Road, the corresponding home that was featured in the article.

Courtesy of Jon Lott/Para Project
New York Magazine

In 2013, poets Bruce Smith and Jules Gibbs had transformed their semi-attached garage into a writing studio, bringing national attention to the unique building. The three-story structure was designed by Jon Lott and his team of architects. The article tells us that the structure features a carport on the first level, a tub room surrounded by books along with a large window facing the backyard on the second level, and a curved felt-lined reading room on top. All but two windows of the front facade allow for light to come in, but blocks the view out. The clients stated they wanted a light filled space with few distractions that would provide an escape from uninspiring surroundings. Click here to see more!